Many NPF issues made headlines these past two weeks, including the Keep Alberta RCMP campaign. Both the proposed Surrey police transition and the NPF’s COVID-19 vaccine prioritization advocacy were widely covered by the media as well. Finally, our response to ongoing inquiries in Nova Scotia, emphasizing Nova Scotia Members’ ability to do their jobs effectively and keep the public safe also appeared in the news.

Keep Alberta RCMP

On March 5, the Spruce Grove Examiner wrote that local Mayor Stuart Houston was concerned over the financial implications of creating a new provincial police force in Alberta. And on March 15Town and Country Today shared that councillors from the towns of Barrhead and Westlock voted to write to Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu to express their concern about this proposed transition.

We encourage you to follow the Keep Alberta RCMP Facebook page, sign-up on the website and share our campaign links with friends and family in Alberta.

Standing up for Surrey RCMP Members

On March 11, NPF issued a news release sharing a third parties’ Freedom of Information Request, revealing that the newly-hired Deputy Chief of the Surrey Police Service will be making up to $320,000 in salary and benefits which was picked up by City News. A separate Freedom of Information Request by Global News also revealed, on March 12, that the Surrey Police Service had spent nearly $35,000 of taxpayer dollars on public relations expenses during January and February 2021.

Please support this campaign, and your colleagues in Surrey, by following the Surrey’s Say on Policing Facebook page and website and by sharing them with friends and family in and near Surrey.

Vaccination Priority Advocacy

Vaccines and the prioritization of our Members continue to be priority issue for us. On March 12John Gormley’s radio show featured Casey Ward, President of the Regina Police Association and of the Saskatchewan Federation of Police Officers, who spoke of a joint statement issued by RPA, NPF and the SPA for police officers in the province to be considered for priority access to the COVID-19 vaccination. On March 14CTV News carried a Canadian Press story about a number of groups, including the NPF, that are calling for improvements to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. On March 151130AM News also covered vaccine prioritization, including comments from NPF Director, Rob Farrer. And on March 16, the Vancouver Sun wrote about the release of a list of the highest-risk work sites in British Columbia, which did not include front-line police officers, and CTV News Vancouver included confirmation from NPF that over 2,400 RCMP employees across the province have already been forced to isolate due to exposure.

Standing up for Nova Scotia Members

Finally, on March 15Global News released their latest podcast related to Portapique, 13 Hours, in which we stand up for Nova Scotia Members continuing to show up for their communities, despite the trauma they felt and continue to feel following such a tragedy.

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